Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's My Point?

After having to actually sit down and think about my topic and what points I am going to make in my final paper, I have come to a sort of dilema.  Should I write about the reasons that someone chooses to be vegetarian, as my original idea was, or do I go with what I have recently been thinking about?  I have been thinking that maybe I should just focus on how hard it can be, even with all the information I have gathered, to actually be a vegetarian in my situation?
As a broke college kid living in Muncie, Indiana...I am seeing this immersion to be almost impossible.  Although my research never really touches on the outside factors that can create difficulties, I am beginning to think it is a much more interesting and relevant point to touch on.
If I do this, I will be arguing my own idea, and only using the articles I have collected to show how for some people, being vegetarian can be laid out as simple as some of the authors have stated.
Does this even make sense?

If any of you have any pointers or any thoughts on how to clear up my train of thought, let me know!

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