Thursday, March 8, 2012

Interesting Fact:

Well according to the website above, Happy Cow - the healthy eating guide, New York City is the #1 place where a vegetarian can have many options in their meal choice.  Because there are foods from all over the world in the "melting pot", vegetarians are able to explore all sorts of fruits and vegetables that may not be familiar to our "typical American citizens."
From my recent experience, this fact might be true, but to afford the luxury of non-fried food, you must be ready to lay down a few more bucks than usual.

I ended up having to research different restaurants, and the average price-range was  between $30-$50 per person anywhere.  SUCKED!
The younger crowed were definitely the ones leading this trend developing in the big city.  They occupy all the juice bars, vegan cafes, and organic grocery stores around the city, while the rich, older society where their furs to keep warm.  The trend of becoming a vegetarian is exactly that....a trend.  I think it's awesome that our generation is becoming so aware of nature and the environment, but for some reason, I think it will fade at some point :(


  1. Are you going to stay a vegetarian?

  2. Probably least not while I am at this stage in my life. I need to be in a more vegetarian friendly place to have the confidence and means to stay like this.....without starving of course ;)