Monday, March 5, 2012


So, yea. So much delicious foods here. Most being meat based. GAHHHH! O well, I have been pretty good. Went to this amazing burger joint called Stand4, and got myself a tasty salmon burger with tartar sauce and veggies on it.  Today I ate some mashed potatoes and a caesar salad. All of this is boring, sorry. I just am kind of bitter at the moment because Darin gets to try all these different dishes, and I am limited to a small portion of every menu.  I will make this statement with all confidence: There is NO WAY I could be a vegetarian if I lived in a city this full of culture. Strong culture = good foods.
On a positive note, I do feel like I have way more energy without the heavy meat filled meals weighing me down. We walked about 6 miles today all around the city, and Darin was the one draggin after he ate a thick, juicy burger. I felt energized the whole time, and even now as I type this, Darin is laying in bed and I'm planning the next stop! On my way to a cute diner on the edge of Central Park! Don't wait up! (ya know, cause all this extra energy from my lettuce and potates)

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