Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So because I have already abandoned this immersion process, you can imagine that it has not really been on my mind.  I have been focusing my attention towards my art classes, and have been living in the Art and Journalism Building pretty much, so my food options come from the Atrium.  Well there is only so many days a week I can eat a cucumber sandwich, and the Atrium does not have very many vegetarian options (except those frozen, not-so-fresh sushi), so yes, I have been eating meat.
I know for a fact, I cannot be a healthy vegetarian, and I think other college kids stuck in crappy college towns face the same dilemas I have had.  So as of now, there is no way that I will be able to make the switch to a non-meat eating diet.  Well, because today is the last day of the immersion, I fare the well! I will no longer be updating this blog because I failed the immersion.  Sad day :(
And that is Justin Bieber's face made out of meat.  And that is all.

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