Monday, March 19, 2012

Cheated with Chicken

I gave a warning out that I was about to cheat in the immersion, and that was exactly what I did! I had a buffalo chicken pizza with bacon and jalapeƱos the other night, and let me just say, it was magical!
I have been having trouble with this immersion the whole time, but I had been able to stay clear of the foods I chose not to eat for most of the time.  I know that for my research paper that I will be doing in the near future will have to focus more on the difficulties one can be faced when converting to a vegetarian lifestyle.  I will have to talk about the discoveries about myself that I have made, as well as the unexpected reactions I had to my research.  There are so many reasons for somebody to become a vegetarian, and I do not think I possess the right ones to make this situation work.  I do vow to finish up the rest of the 30 days meat free, but I can not say that I will enjoy it.

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