Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So because I have already abandoned this immersion process, you can imagine that it has not really been on my mind.  I have been focusing my attention towards my art classes, and have been living in the Art and Journalism Building pretty much, so my food options come from the Atrium.  Well there is only so many days a week I can eat a cucumber sandwich, and the Atrium does not have very many vegetarian options (except those frozen, not-so-fresh sushi), so yes, I have been eating meat.
I know for a fact, I cannot be a healthy vegetarian, and I think other college kids stuck in crappy college towns face the same dilemas I have had.  So as of now, there is no way that I will be able to make the switch to a non-meat eating diet.  Well, because today is the last day of the immersion, I fare the well! I will no longer be updating this blog because I failed the immersion.  Sad day :(
And that is Justin Bieber's face made out of meat.  And that is all.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Almost Done!

As of now, I am no longer a vegetarian.  I have failed my immersion plan!! haha I mean, I will live, but I still feel kind of bad for not even being able to go a month in my immersion.
At first, I was all in to changing my diet and trying out this new way of life, but slowly I began to lose motivation.  I first started making small exceptions, like "sure I'll split a pizza with you; you want pepperoni? well of course I don't care!" Then Darin will bring home food from work, which is usually things like wings and such, and I would have to eat it because I hadn't eaten all day.  I started realizing instead of splitting meals with people and saving money, I would have to buy all my own separate meals (usually more expensive).
So for about 4 days, I have been saying "SCREW IT!" and eating whatever is convenient because I have been super broke.  Cheap, nasty McDoubles and chemically pumped hot dogs have been what's easy and cheap, which is still sad to me.  I wish I could have been able to eat a healthy vegetarian diet for these 30 days, and it would have been a treat to do so!
Maybe in a few years, when I have an awesome job and live somewhere just as awesome (no where near this town), I will have the means of finally committing to this immersion.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's My Point?

After having to actually sit down and think about my topic and what points I am going to make in my final paper, I have come to a sort of dilema.  Should I write about the reasons that someone chooses to be vegetarian, as my original idea was, or do I go with what I have recently been thinking about?  I have been thinking that maybe I should just focus on how hard it can be, even with all the information I have gathered, to actually be a vegetarian in my situation?
As a broke college kid living in Muncie, Indiana...I am seeing this immersion to be almost impossible.  Although my research never really touches on the outside factors that can create difficulties, I am beginning to think it is a much more interesting and relevant point to touch on.
If I do this, I will be arguing my own idea, and only using the articles I have collected to show how for some people, being vegetarian can be laid out as simple as some of the authors have stated.
Does this even make sense?

If any of you have any pointers or any thoughts on how to clear up my train of thought, let me know!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cheated with Chicken

I gave a warning out that I was about to cheat in the immersion, and that was exactly what I did! I had a buffalo chicken pizza with bacon and jalapeƱos the other night, and let me just say, it was magical!
I have been having trouble with this immersion the whole time, but I had been able to stay clear of the foods I chose not to eat for most of the time.  I know that for my research paper that I will be doing in the near future will have to focus more on the difficulties one can be faced when converting to a vegetarian lifestyle.  I will have to talk about the discoveries about myself that I have made, as well as the unexpected reactions I had to my research.  There are so many reasons for somebody to become a vegetarian, and I do not think I possess the right ones to make this situation work.  I do vow to finish up the rest of the 30 days meat free, but I can not say that I will enjoy it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patty's Day Tomorrow!!!

At least there is no meats that play a prominent part in one the best holidays we Americans get to enjoy!!!! Only BEER!!! The overload of carbs that I can only presume I am taking in on a daily basis will not be taken care of yet.  Tomorrow will hopefully not be my downfall though...I am sure everyone here knows that beer can usually lead to something like a Jimmy John's sandwich, or a nice, meaty hamburger.  I will try my hardest not to eat meat on this fine day, but then again, it is a holiday, and I may take the day off tomorrow!
So far, I have been staying the course pretty well, and have not been taking days off this immersion project, so I think that I will go ahead and enjoy myself tomorrow and eat what is provided at any cookout, kegger, or party I may be at tomorrow.  I just cannot bring myself to bring a salad or something to a party....just doesn't seem right.
(then back to work)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


It's definitely easier being vegetarian when you are too stressed out to eat.  I have not eaten in two days, and I don't think I can.  Between school, work, preparing for my internship in Dublin, and life, there has been no time for me to grab a quick meal, or any desire to.
I usually can make myself eat, but at times like this, my meals always consist of fast foods that I can get on the run.  Any other month, I would have driven to somewhere like Burger King and bought myself a burger, and ignore how nasty the food really is.  I have to actually put thought into what I need to eat and think about "have I had enough vitamins or proteins or anything?" and then make my food choices.  No time for that.
I think that fast food is actually very convient and helpful in this unfortunate society we live in, but would it kill a company to make a healthy place!  I would love to be able to jump in my car, go up to a window, and order a fruit salad, a spinach salad, or meat substitute products...like Falafels! So far, there are no places like that in this area, and if they do have these healthy items, they always find a way to destroy them with fats and preservatives.
Here's a list of fast food restaurants and their "healthy" choices of salads.  I was shocked to see so much fat included. :(


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In The Mood...For Veggies!!

With the 70 degree weather and being able to ride my bike around is making me have healthy eating thoughts! Bad weather makes me want to eat my comfort foods, like hamburgers and pizza, but this sunshine makes a nice salad or a piece of juicy fruit seem like a delicious treat!
My mood is very affected by the weather, and I never really thought about it in terms of food.  I think you have to be in a positive mood to want to be healthy, and that positive mood (for me at least) is solar powered! I really wish Muncie had a pleather of outdoor markets or something similar to go shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, but unfortunately our fine city is made up of fast food joints and Walmart is our main source of food.
Maybe in able to make this lifestyle permanent, I would need to live somewhere warm and awesome...like California! Somewhere where gardening is a major part of society; not Muncie, Indiana.