Thursday, March 15, 2012


It's definitely easier being vegetarian when you are too stressed out to eat.  I have not eaten in two days, and I don't think I can.  Between school, work, preparing for my internship in Dublin, and life, there has been no time for me to grab a quick meal, or any desire to.
I usually can make myself eat, but at times like this, my meals always consist of fast foods that I can get on the run.  Any other month, I would have driven to somewhere like Burger King and bought myself a burger, and ignore how nasty the food really is.  I have to actually put thought into what I need to eat and think about "have I had enough vitamins or proteins or anything?" and then make my food choices.  No time for that.
I think that fast food is actually very convient and helpful in this unfortunate society we live in, but would it kill a company to make a healthy place!  I would love to be able to jump in my car, go up to a window, and order a fruit salad, a spinach salad, or meat substitute Falafels! So far, there are no places like that in this area, and if they do have these healthy items, they always find a way to destroy them with fats and preservatives.
Here's a list of fast food restaurants and their "healthy" choices of salads.  I was shocked to see so much fat included. :(


  1. Hey!
    So I enjoy reading your posts. I am a vegetarian already, but now trying to go vegan for 30 days. I think that this post is so true though. I hate that fast food is so disgustingly unhealthy and I usually end up having to eat fries and that is it when I go out to eat with friends. Which is really unhealthy! I think though that the future will hopefully start bringing in healthier options considering the increase of vegetarian and vegans.
    Also love Pita Pit and their Falafels! I wish you luck in your vegetarian adventure. I know my problem is getting enough iron, always has been! Try taking vitamin supplements recommended by your doctor! Flintstone Vitamins are always good though :)

  2. Thank You for the post! And the suggestion for Flintstone Vitamins is probably my favorite advice yet!