Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In The Mood...For Veggies!!

With the 70 degree weather and being able to ride my bike around is making me have healthy eating thoughts! Bad weather makes me want to eat my comfort foods, like hamburgers and pizza, but this sunshine makes a nice salad or a piece of juicy fruit seem like a delicious treat!
My mood is very affected by the weather, and I never really thought about it in terms of food.  I think you have to be in a positive mood to want to be healthy, and that positive mood (for me at least) is solar powered! I really wish Muncie had a pleather of outdoor markets or something similar to go shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, but unfortunately our fine city is made up of fast food joints and Walmart is our main source of food.
Maybe in able to make this lifestyle permanent, I would need to live somewhere warm and awesome...like California! Somewhere where gardening is a major part of society; not Muncie, Indiana.


  1. "falafel" haha ... but really, hit up a Subway! A veggie sub is only 3.82 and will keep you feelin' golden for the rest of the day. Also, fruit and yogurt parfaits are where it's at. Good luck, Al Pal. :)

  2. I went to Subway, and their veggie patties looked weird, and the seafood sensation looked like foul fish poop....but I did enjoy a veggie sandwich!!!!
    Haha thanks Brittany, I will always love Subway, and can't wait to get this project over so I can eat me some turkey!