Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 4: Hungry for Meat

I have been thinking about cheating during this immersion project and eating a nice, juicy hamburger or some crispy bacon, but luckily the research I have done in preparing me for this project have provided me with enough inspiration to stay strong.
I would really like to improve my health and stop eating the gross, processed fastfoods that I am way too familiar with, and maybe lose some of this college weight I have put on throughout the last 3 years.  I now know about how being vegetarian can decrease your risk of some heart diseases and such, and I also know that my drinking and smoking habits do not help at all.  If I do at least one major healthy lifestyle change, I am hopeful for some positive effects on my body, such as more energy and a lower BMI.
My boyfriend, Darin, has been concerned about my food intake lately though.  He says that I do not eat enough calories as a vegetarian, and I am not prepared enough, nor have enough money, to stay healthy throughout this process.  I have been eating smaller portions, and sticking to fruits and vegetables, but I think as time goes on, I will learn about new and exciting things to eat!
For now, I'm still not dead, so it's all good.

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