Monday, February 27, 2012

The Journey Begins!

Over the next 30 days, I will be immersing myself in the vegetarian lifestyle for my English 104 class.  I will be updating my followers on my journey through this blog, and hope to inform you all on the health benefits and risks in a non-meat diet, and well as the reasons for someone choosing to become a vegetarian. 
            I will be eating a semi-vegetarian menu, which means I will still be eating fish, eggs, and other animal products that do not murder the animal in the process.  I personally have had trouble with the attempt before in the past, where I was not getting enough nutrients from my vegetarian food selections of cheese, bread, and candy.  Now that I am older and have more information on the subject, I hope to adopt this lifestyle change, even after the 30 days.
            This immersion project might be difficult at times, such as Spring Break when I will be in New York City surrounded by delicious foods.  I have been a meat-eater for over 7 years now, ever since my one year trial in 8th grade, so learning how to control my diet might be a problem I will have to conquer very soon.
            Wish me luck!

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