Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Harder Than I Thought

So today was really the first day that I have really noticed that there will be difficulty in finding places to eat that have a wide array of vegetarian options. My boyfriend, Darin, and I were trying to find a place to eat today, and most of the places I used to go that have my favorite things to eat (which include meat). don't have the kind of stuff I like.  We finally decided to go to Pita Pit, which has a wonderful vegetarian menu! Not only do they have a bunch of veggies to choose from, they also have hummus and falafel!  I had never had the falafel, which includes chickpeas, onions, and other good stuff, and I really enjoyed it.  This experience is already opening my tastebuds up to new and exciting tastes.
I usually go out to eat because I am so lazy and I cannot cook to save my life, but Darin does love to cook! I am going to look up some recipes that he can cook, and this will save me from starvation and spending money on dining out. No more power bars, granola bars, or any other kind of bars to get me through the day, I am ready for some hardcore vegetarian home-cooked meals!
Because I enjoyed falafel so much, here is a recipe for this quick and easy substance that can replace meats on your favorite sandwich or pita!



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